Term wise Programs


Term wise Schedule of Courses

One - Year General Management Programme For Working Executives



Term I (June - August)




·  Basic Financial Accounting
·  Managerial Communication
·  Managerial Economics
·  Organisational Behaviour
·  Personnel Management
·  Principles of Marketing
·  Production and Operations Management
·  Quantitative Techniques




Term II (September - November)




·  Basic Financial Management
·  Business Law
·  Industrial Relations
·  Macroeconomic Policy & Analysis 
·  Marketing Research
·  Operations Research
·  Organizational Theory & Design 
·  Quantitative Techniques - II




Term III (December - February)




·  Advanced Financial Management
·  Business Ethics
·  Management of Information Systems: Technical and Social Perspectives
·  Strategic Management
·  Electives 1- 4




Term IV (February - April)




·  Electives 5 - 12


Elective Packages


B.Operations Management

Capital Expenditure, Planning & Control (CAPEX)

Advanced Production Planning and Control

Commercial Banking

Enterprise Resource Planning

Corporate Taxation (COTA)

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

International Financial Management

a)Operations Strategiesb)Service Operations Management

Mergers & Acquisitions

Project Management

Security and Portfolio Management

Technology Management

C. Marketing

D. Information System

Business To Business Marketing

Data Warehousing & Mining

Consumer Behavior

Data Base Management System

Marketing Strategy & Implementation

e- Business

Product and Brand Management

Information Securities and Risk Management

Sales and Distribution Management

IT Strategy

International Marketing

Software Project Management

E. Human Resource Management- Organisational Behaviour

F. Economics

Developing Human Resources


Executive Compensation

Economic Indicators

Labour Law & Cyber Law

Industrial Economics

Organisational Change & Development

International Business Economics

Performance Management

Money Banking and Finance

Strategic HRM

Strategic Game Theory for Managers




Economics - Strategic Management




Industrial Organization and Competitive Strategy


International Economic Environment


International Management


Resource Based Strategy


Strategy of Cooperation and Private Public Partnerships



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